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Program Plans

The Robinson Life Science, Business, and Entrepreneurship Program combines the strengths of the Biosciences Division in the College of Letters and Science and the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Students complete all academic requirements for both degrees, and all policies of each school are enforced.

In addition, students will take a freshman Intro to Biotech course and complete a senior capstone project. Intro to Biotech is a course designed specifically for students exploring the LSBE Program and is only offered in the Spring.

Prerequisite Courses

LSBE students must meet all curriculum requirements for both the BS in Business Administration and the BA in Molecular and Cell Biology.
Haas Prerequisites  MCB Prerequisites Program Prerequisite
R1A (or equivalent) Chem 1A Intro to Biotech
R1B (or equivalent) Chem 1AL
Math 1A Chem 3A
Math 1B Chem 3AL
Statistics Chem 3B
ECON 1 or 2 Bio 1A/1AL

Note that Chem 3BL, Bio 1B, and Physics 8A and 8B are not on this list because they are not required to declare the major. However, they are still required to complete the MCB degree.

These prerequisites for both Haas and MCB should be completed by the end of sophomore year. Read more about the Haas prerequisite courses and requirements to declare MCB.

Academic Planning Sheet

Need help keeping track of what courses you need to complete? Feel free to use our Academic Planning Sheet. Using this resource, you could make a tentative plan for your courses and check off the ones you have completed.