Program Overview

The Robinson Life Science, Business, and Entrepreneurship (LSBE) Program is an integrated, jointly-administered partnership between the Haas School of Business and the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology in the College of Letters and Science. Students earn two bachelor’s degrees and take rigorous courses designed to help bridge scientific inquiry and research with entrepreneurship and commercial application.

The program offers specialized coursework taught by award-winning faculty, networking opportunities and specialized career coaching, and mentoring opportunities within a peer-to-peer cohort of students who are working to become future leaders and innovators.

In the program you will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Molecular and Cell Biology in the emphasis of your choice: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cell & Developmental Biology; Genetics, Genomics, & Development; Immunology & Pathogenesis; Molecular Therapeutics; or Neurobiology.

You’ll graduate prepared to tackle complex problems in a research lab, a startup, or even your own company. You’ll establish a professional and academic network from the San Francisco Bay Area to anywhere Life Science commercialization is occurring.

Admission to the Robinson Life Science, Business, and Entrepreneurship Program is highly competitive and open only to students who enter UC Berkeley as freshmen. Students must complete all prerequisite requirements for Haas alongside the requirements to declare MCB. Students apply to LSBE during their sophomore year.

Why Berkeley?

The Robinson Life Science, Business, and Entrepreneurship Program is uniquely positioned in close proximity to the Bay Area tech and bio-tech hubs. Students benefit from the rigorous coursework and specialized training in one of five MCB emphases. They also have the opportunity to conduct independent research in partnership with distinguished biosciences and business faculty to gain the knowledge and technical skills necessary to navigate the modern business world and achieve the highest levels of professional success. Both departments tout Nobel Laureates and have world-renowned reputations.

Prospective Students

The Robinson Life Science, Business, and Entrepreneurship Program attracts students whose interest in the life sciences is fueled by their curiosity and by their passion to change people’s lives for the better.

LSBE students are:

  • Passionate about the intersection of science and innovation
  • Self-motivated leaders interested in problem solving
  • Interested in shaping the future of biotech, pharma, and healthcare
  • Entrepreneurs at heart

Students who complete the Robinson Life Science, Business, and Entrepreneurship Program will be uniquely advantaged for careers in a variety of innovative industries and research institutions, and will be competitive applicants to graduate programs including pre-health, biosciences, an MBA, and beyond.